In an attempt to mimic Shahbaz Shareef for his “Jangla Bus Project” in Lahore, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) “Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit” (BRT) is far from completion. The decision to revise the budget of the bus project depicts the poor planning and cost estimation of the PTI government. The project has been a controversial one form the first day.

Even the Peshawar High Court (PHC) had asked the National Accountability Bureau to probe into the allegations of irregularities in the project. Given that a blacklisted construction firm in Punjab is overseeing the construction and completion of the project, how can one expect that the project will complete within the stipulated timeframe? And the cost of the project has also increased exponentially with the delay in completion.

Increasing the budget for the BRT does not guarantee the timely completion of the project. Nor does it ensure that the higher-ups will not create any further hurdles for the bureaucracy of the project, as it happened in the tenure of Pervaiz Khattak who had sacked the CEO of TransPeshawar, Altaf Akbar Durrani for disagreement over procuring the bus fleet at a time when the BRT infrastructure and corridor were incomplete.

Imran Khan and the Chief Minister (CM) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Mehmood Khan should ensure barring the non-experts – often happen to be the cabinet members – from interfering in the technical and operational matters. For such interferences are the root causes of the delay in and costs increase of the project.

Imran Khan should issue directions to the KP government for completing the project without any further delay. The ordinary people have faced a lot of inconvenience in daily commuting because of the project. It is about time that their sufferings bring fruition. Even if the revision of the budget of the project fails in yielding the desired results in time, then the project will be another white elephant feeding on the tax money of the poor.