Islamabad  -  The government has decided to prepare and implement a policy of uniform education curriculum in the country which will cover public, private and madrassah education system, education minister said on Monday.

Federal minister for education and professional training Shafqat Mehmood said this in a press briefing held after the 11th Inter Provincial Education Ministers Conference held here.

The official from provinces including Raja Yasir Humayun (Punjab), Zia-ullah Bangish (Khyber Pakthunkhwa) KPK, Haji Mehdi (Baluchistan), Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) representative attended the meeting to discuss the plan for the launch of uniform curriculum in the country.

The minister said that all the provinces will work in collaboration to eliminate discrimination in the education system and present its program to the Prime Minister (PM) in the upcoming days.

“All provinces will adopt a uniform curriculum, however the program will be initiated in the federal capital,” said Minister Shafqat Mehmmod.

The minister said that the ministry proposed the PM to launch ‘Taleemi Razakaar’ plan, under which the government will call volunteers to come forward and provide education to the masses.

He said that the policy will be drafted by education experts from all provinces to be presented to the PM for approval.

Under the education plan, the government will form a curriculum council which will present its recommendations for the formation of uniform policy for all education system. 

He added that the biggest challenge for the government is to bring Out of School Children (OSC) back to the educational institutes as the figure of OSC is between 20 to 25 million.

He said that challenges in the education sector are common for provinces and the federal, and despite that education is the devolved subject, all the state functionaries are ready to work together to cope with this challenge.

He said the second biggest challenge for the government is to overcome the three different types of education systems which include government education till secondary schools, madrassah system and that of private schools.

Minister Shafqat Mehmood said that these systems are teaching different courses in different languages which is leading to discrimination in society.

“It’s an unjust system in which most of the government jobs are taken by graduates of the elite education system,” he said.

The minister added that government has also decided to work on improving the education standards because the PhD qualified scholars are also jobless because of the low quality education standards.

The minister said in the upcoming education plan the government will search way to link the education with the industry to provide jobs to the fresh graduates. “Along with formal education the government has decided to promote skill education in the country,” he added.

Minister Shafqat Mehmmod said that current education budget in 2.2percent of the GDP and the ministry will try to increase the budget for the implementation of its program.

He said modern technology will be also utilized for the education promotion, while girls’ education will be the major focus of the upcoming education plan.

He said that government has to work hard to bring improvement in the quality of the education because the school students and university graduates on a large scale are struggling with their qualification and work performance.

The minister said that all stake holders are convinced in uplifting the education system in the country for the national cause.

“Government will try bringing around 1.5million OSC back to the educational institutions,” he said.