Why learning “Good manner” today is becoming more important than ever. When we talked about good manner it is not only about how you use fork while eating but the main focus is on how you treat others, how you behave with strangers. Good manner is just not measure by your interaction with your blood relations the more important thing is that why you lose respectability and good manners while interacting with strangers.

Why we do so?

The reason is that most of us know that we would not meet with these strangers again so it is easy to treat people as a scrap. It is easy to get away by doing this bad stuff. People are not accountable for their actions and it is the sad fact of human nature. Respect the privacy of others. Respect their choices and their free will don’t force them to do that you want because in this case people will resist and do the opposite.

Treating people like a crap and get away of it was not so easy in the past. Now it is common just because we have evolved in very small groups and each group is not more than 50 people. Everyone knew each other and only respect those people who are their group and tribe members.

Show kindness to the others. Behave as a neighbor with strangers. Show kindness to others. Good manner is all about taking people perspective and considering their thoughts. And always show willingness to ask yourself a question that how much my actions and words affect people around me? Am I accountable for my own actions? Am I showing kindness to strangers and behaving well with them? If you are honest while giving these answers you would be more respectable person.


Lahore, October 30.