LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has called for lifting ban on student unions and welcomed the resolution passed by Sindh Assembly a few days ago.

He was addressing a two-day educational exhibition organised by JI student wing, Islami Jamiat Talba at Lahore Expo Centre Tuesday.

The JI chief demanded the government enhance spending on education, introduce a uniform curriculum and end class-based schooling in the country.

JI student wing holds two-day educational exhibition

 “The PTI government had promised better education system it did nothing for the cause while noting on it did nothing on this front so far. All claims of ruling party proved a pack of lies so far,” said the JI Emir, adding the government had yet to fulfill its promise to introduce a uniform curriculum in the country. He said the allocation for the education was less than 2.5 percent of the GDP in last budgets of Punjab and KP run under PTI rule. He called for raising the allocation to double digit if the PTI was serious to bring improvement in the country. But, he regretted, Imran Khan’s party was also proved itself a representative of status quo and only deceived the people with false slogans. He said more than 20 million children were out of schools in different provinces but the government had no plan for their education. He said poor and middle class could not afford costly education and therefore sending their children to workplaces instead of schools.

The government, he said, had betrayed the people on Kashmir issue and hit them hard through taxes, inflation and unemployment. He said there was no check in corruption as people had to pay bribe even for their legal work done in different departments. He said farmers and laborers were under the worst circumstances and the already prevailing class system was strengthening with every day passing. He said feudal and imperialist elite was ruling over the country for seven decades.

To bring the real change, he said, the educated youth had to come forwards and raise their voice against the unjust system. He added that enforcement of a system based on brilliant principles of Islam was the solution to the country’s problems.