ISLAMABAD - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said yesterday that his party was going to implement Plan B of Azadi March which will take the protest to streets and highways across Pakistan.

Maulana Fazl also said that sit-in would continue.

The Plan B includes blocking major arteries, highways, and entry and exit points in a bid to pressurize the government.

Addressing the marchers here in Islamabad, the JUI-F chief said that Plan-A will continue while they were going to implement Plan-B, and the provincial chiefs will inform them about details of the new plan.

He further said that protesters in Islamabad were backed by the people from all walks of life, adding that their stance regarding rigged and fake elections was accepted by the entire nation. “We won’t go to our homes, cities or villages,” the JUI-F leader said. “Those who are sitting at homes should also come out and participate in Plan B.” he added.

Provincial party chiefs given responsibility to complete their homework

Criticizing the government, Fazl said its narrative had been defeated. He said no one could help Prime Minister Imran Khan to stay in power anymore.

Fazl said this movement had ended the writ of the incumbent government, adding that their campaign didn’t start from October 27. “It started from September 5 when they held first million march in Karachi.” Fazl claimed the Azadi March had helped traders, doctors, lawyers, and journalists.

He held the incumbent government responsible for prevailing economic crisis in the country and said that inflation had made people’s lives miserable.

“Poor mothers are compelled to sell their children. Special adviser to PM on finance does not know even the price of tomatoes,” the JUI-F leader said, adding that special adviser to PM on finance didn’t even know the price of tomatoes.

He stated that the PTI government was a risk for democracy, and constitution and the March started by his party was meant to protect the constitution.

He elaborated that his followers had achieved much of their ultimate demands through protest in Islamabad, adding that they will keep on protesting till achievement of their goals.

However, sources in the JUI-F informed The Nation that sit-in would be called off after successful implementation of Plan-B.

The sources revealed that there were two phases of Plan-B; in the first phase, the protesters will block all main roads throughout Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In the second phase, the protesters will block district headquarters in all the provinces.

Sources privy to Maulana Fazl also said that all main roads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will be closed as well by the Azadi Marchers. The sources revealed that demonstrations would also be held in other cities, including Karachi, Lahore and Multan.

The JUI-F party chiefs of all provinces have been given the responsibility to complete their homework and find out which roads were needed to be closed in order to pressurize the government and achieve their goals.

According to JUI-F’s Abdul Jalil Jan, Maulana Fazl was briefed about the plan by all four provincial chiefs of the party. Fazl expressed his satisfaction over the arrangements.

Meanwhile, sources in JUI-F informed The Nation that all the arrangements and homework was done by the provincial leadership in order to mobilize the workers at the district level.

The sources privy to JUI-F’s KP chapter told The Nation that, besides many other link roads, the main GT Road was to be blocked as a part of the implementation of Plan-B.

Sources in JUI-F’s Balochistan chapter informed The Nation that Quetta-Karachi National Highway will be blocked near Khuzdar region and trade route of ‘Chaman’ to be blocked near the Jak region of Balochistan.

Sources in JUI-F’s Sindh chapter said the national highway in Sindh to be blocked in the Jacobabad region of Sindh province.

However, it was still not decided which routes and highways in Punjab are to be blocked in the Punjab province. Sources said the Sindh-Punjab border was likely to be blocked in Plan-B.

The sources also said that the routes in Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, and Faisalabad were expected to be on the list. Still, it was yet to be announced officially by the party.