ISLAMABAD - A huge cache of narcotics was recovered in a joint intelligence-based counter narcotics operation by Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, and Anti-Narcotics Force at Pishukan near Jiwani, Balochistan.

According to the officials of Pakistan Navy here on Tuesday, the cache included 241 kilograms heroin and 2 kilograms Hashish. They said PMSA vessel located and subsequently approached a suspicious fast speed boat (kyak) of suspected smugglers and recovered drugs from the captured boat. The value of narcotics in international market is approximately Rs2410 million. The seized narcotics have been handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Force for further legal proceedings.

“Continuous anti-narcotics operations and seizures by PMSA are result of meticulous planning and constant surveillance of maritime Zones of Pakistan,” said the officials. The PMSA maintains its permanent presence at sea with large contingent of ships and aircrafts to counter any unlawful activity happening along the coastal belt and adjacent areas of responsibility. “Pakistan Navy and PMSA will continue to protect national and international interests of country and obligations of maintaining peace and order at sea,” they added.