PM Imran Khan made a passionate address highlighting plight of Kashmiris and malicious Islamophobia propaganda against Muslims, maligning them collectively and causing numerous hardships and hate biased attacks. He pointed out collective punishment faced by innocent Kashmiris, who are confined to their homes for almost two months. Kashmiris face daily harassment, while their women are raped in worst human rights violations. It would however be preferable if PM should speak from prepared text in future.

If only preceding governments starting from Ayub Khan, who in 1962 chose not to heed to advice of Chinese leadership to liberate Kashmir, while Indian troops were engaged in Sino Indian War, in all probability it would have been resolved and people of valley saved from atrocities.

Unfortunately Kashmir has been used as political ploy against adversaries in power politics and even by former members of establishment. Earlier in 1948 senior uniformed Pakistani officers chose to obey their British Commanding Officer, instead of obeying legitimate orders of Quaid, who as GG was competent legal authority under Government of India Act 1935. It were intrigues by ambitious remnants of British Raj who delayed finalizing the Constitution, against wishes of Quaid e Azam, which he expressed, addressing First Constituent Assembly on 11 August 1947. The vested interests let Pakistan remain a Dominion of UK, instead of sovereign independent state until as late as 1956.

Liberation of Kashmir should have been a priority for Zia ul Haq, instead of getting this country involved in fighting a proxy war, funded by USA, with disastrous long term consequences for our economy, sovereignty and national security.

It is time a concerted well planned diplomatic offensive is launched utilizing experienced diplomats like Ashraf J Qazi etc to secure for Kashmiris their legitimate right. We need to formulate our foreign policy keeping in view ground realities and mutual long term benefits with countries like China, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Qatar and even Iran etc, while maintaining good relations with West.