ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) after terminating 250 regular employees has offered re-employment to four previous officials accused of misconduct by the dissolved Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), officials said on Tuesday.

Despite 23 days of dissolution of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council , the newly formed PMC is still dysfunctional where all administrative work is halted.

Officials informed The Nation that the newly appointed secretary of PMC Nasir Mohiyudin has also been replaced with a junior dental surgeon of Federal Government Services Polyclinic hospital.

Sources said that Dr. Arslan Haider has been given the charge on acting basis after differences emerged between PMC Secretary Nasir Mohiyudin and top officials of Pakistan Medical Commission.

Sources said that differences emerged with hierarchy on the appointment of new wages staff as he was denying issuing appointment letters. Sources said that he was reluctant in assuming the charge because of continued confrontation.

Meanwhile, the commission offered re-employment to around four officers’ earlier serving PMDC on contract basis, but all of them were facing departmental inquiries of misconduct.

Documents said that one of the official included was suspended in dissolved PMDC who was held responsible for a file theft from the Council.

The letter issued mentioning the name of Dr. Sara Ali who has been re-hired by PMC said “The PMDC Council, pursuant to consideration of an inquiry held in the matter of theft of an original file of additional qualification involving a fake FCPS letter of Dr. Aatif Jahangir Lashari Pakistan Medical and Dental Council registration No. 14162N has directed the following persons to be suspended on account of prima facia misconduct and gross negligence with immediate effect.”

Dissolved PMDC had also issued letter of displeasure upon the conduct of two other offices including Dr. Asiya Zainab Khan and Salahudin earlier.

The letter said “The competent authority has taken serious notice on account of your incompetence towards discharging the official duties in registration section. You are hereby warned to avoid such misconduct in future and concentrate on official work properly and improve your official working so that the work in registration section can be streamlined.

Another officer who worked as assistant registrar and re-employed by Pakistan Medical Commission Dr. Maria Sameer was issued a warning letter on her conduct by the dissolved Pakistan Medical and Dental Council .

The letter issued said that “The official work has suffered badly in the faculty section. On scrutiny of the record, it was revealed that there were more than 2,000 pending cases to be resolved. You have worked in this section for more than a year. You have mentioned that you have disposed off 101 cases in a single day, which speaks of the amount of pendency and it further proves your poor performance.”

It said “Therefore you are hereby warned in your own interest to adhere to the council’s rules/regulations, obey the orders of your superiors/avoid unethical language and to be careful in future. Failing which a strict disciplinary action will be initiated under Terms and Conditions of Service and Disciplinary matters of all employees’ regulations 2012.”