I am thankful to TTC that they are teaching freely and it is such a department which is not taking money to students. And now it is open in Turbat due to this poor people can read computer and machinery because without fee every poor want to come for reading.

TTC is only centre in Turbat which is making the life of poor citizens and before they went for working because they thought we can’t afford any centre but now they will not go for working since now their is way to read on TTC. If now we should see education centres which are doing business as many centres are open in Turbat, they are always taking money from students. The government of Balochistan which is doing for Baloch and we thanks to CM that he has given us TTC for studying.

If government will continue this than it will make Balochistan to famous in Pakistan because Baloch will get education than it’s mean that they will work for Balochistan and if Balochistan will develop than Pakistan also be talk of town. The second journal who come to TTC and said to us that I am always present to support you than we become too happy.

We are thankful to Balochistan government that he is doing such works for poor Baloch.