Through Donald trump offer to mediate between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue so he is always working to resolve the issue and their very little reason to believe that the American president is keen to pursue it.

However the Kashmir is going to bring damage between both countries and burning issue of India held Kashmir an “internal problem so the US President has already mad several similar offer and of mediation the latest of came during the meeting PK Khan in New York on Monday “thus I will be already to do it “Trump told to Khan.

Beside that India PM modi fulminated against Pakistan to the raucous applause of India diaspor and it appear that Mr trump is in election mode and making effort to American India vote while by praising Pakistan and it’s leadership.

The fact is that should welcome the mediation and it should not have any exactions. Furthermore, the economy power and slick PR India has deffected. So Pakistan should engage with world capitals and information of India atrocities in the held valley. Mr trump attempts to resolve the issue because both countries are very hard situation and India for its right abuse . If US President should right regions living people are in hell .thus UNO should take action on this issue and bring peace.