ISLAMABAD  -  Teenage pop prodigy Billie Eilish appeared happier than ever, as she coyly smiled at the ground in a series of new pictures from a glowing sunset. As the 18 year old singer enjoyed panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline, she showed off her signature baggy style in a $1,950 men’s sweatshirt. The Lovely hitmaker layered her distressed cable-knit crewneck, from Greg Lauren, over a beige turtleneck and a rhinestone necklace, which featured the Blohsh logo. Rocking her signature neon-green roots, the five-time Grammy winner leaned on a black metal rail and stared at the camera with her bright blue eyes. In another image from her stunning slideshow, Eilish sported a photographic pout, before hiding her flawless makeup-free complexion behind her left arm.