KARACHI   -  K-Electric, the sole electricity provider in Pakistan’s business capital, Karachi, and nearby districts, has selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (Oracle Cloud SCM) to automate its demand management and supply process for over 600 components of power distribution equipment. This deployment will contribute to K-Electric’s mission to deliver uninterrupted, safe, and affordable power to Karachiites, as the new cloud offering can provide accurate forecasts to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and help enable K-Electric to respond quickly to increased power demand.

K-Electric will deploy Oracle Cloud SCM, replacing its highly customized legacy application, as part of its evolving material forecasting and supply planning processes. With the successful deployment of this cloud application, K-Electric will be able to more accurately track and allocate resources according to the requirements and vendor capacity, with improved visibility into the material planning across their businesses.