ISLAMABAD   -  An auto mechanic was shot dead while his companion was injured critically over a bird issue in an attack launched by six armed persons on an auto mobile workshop located at Jhang Syedan Road.

Police booked the attackers on Thursday and started investigation but no arrest was made so far. The incident took place within limits of Police Station (PS) Koral.

According to details, a man namely Salim Masih son of Silkhan Masih, from Ali Pur Farash, lodged a complaint with PS Koral officials stating his brother Salaas Masih along with his friend Musharaf Sultan and mechanic Tauseef Ali was present in his auto mobile workshop at Jhangi Syedan Road, Kirpa and feeding the pigeons he had been keeping in the workshop. In the meanwhile, a pigeon had flown to road and was caught by a young man. He mentioned Salaas asked the young man to release his pigeon but it was not done on which a brawl occurred between him and the young man. 

He said the young man managed to escape from the scene but after a while Sajid Khan, Bahadur Khan and their father Hazrat Ullah having weapons and clubs in their hands stormed into his workshop. “Sajid Khan shot dead Salaas Masih while others injured Musharraf Sultan by clubbing him,” the applicant said.

The attackers managed to escape from the scene, he said adding that two witnesses saw the crime committed by attackers. 

He appealed the police to register a case against the killers and to arrest them. Taking action, police registered case against accused and started investigation.

SP Rural Zone Amjad Farooq Bhutter told media that police are looking for killers after filing a murder case under sections 302/324/148/149 of PPC against them.