Smog is all about pollution in the air. The coronavirus still exists and no medicine has so far been released for this virus. If no there is no rain in the next few days, it will be a worrisome situation because flu, fever, cough and other viral diseases will cause damage to human health at a higher level.

The environment is not good these days due to Covid-19, and the weather is going to change as well. Viral diseases spread from people to people and this is a serious matter because when a person’s health is not good, they are a cause of danger for other people.

Other countries like in Europe have been worse affected by this virus. Overall in the world, all educational institutions, malls and public places have been reopened and the public goes there with all precautionary measures. We should wear a mask and use hand sanitizer to protect ourselves from this virus. Wearing a mask is important because the air is not pure due to pollution. Social distancing is also important. Now, we should take good care of ourselves because people move freely and gatherings are seen sometimes. Whenever the gatherings are, the chances of the virus are high at that place. Avoid gatherings and be safe from this virus. We should adopt precautionary measures with full responsibility.