ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) on Thursday issued the de­tails on grant of licens­ing to Pakistanis that had gone for study on a scholarship to Cuba and Bangladesh.

According to PMC, stu­dents who had obtained their medical degrees from Cuba and Bangla­desh, under an old gov­ernment scholarship, will be treated under three categories for licensing.

Under the first cat­egory, the graduates who have not completed their house jobs will be given a provisional license to complete their house job.

It added after comple­tion of their house job, the graduate may ap­ply for their full license upon qualifying the NLE.

Under the second cat­egory, a graduate who has passed their NEB Step 3 and completed their house job will be granted a full license to practice after their house jobs are verified by the Cuban and Ban­gladesh authorities.