ISLAMABAD  -  Tom Cruise was joined by his two principal co-stars on Wednesday as location filming commenced on the set of forthcoming film Mission: Impossible 7. The Hollywood star had good company in the form of Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg during his latest appearance in Venice, where production continues in earnest following a lengthy disruption caused by the coronavirus health crisis. Dressed in the casual black bomber jacket and matching jeans favored by central character Ethan Hunt, Cruise, 58, appeared to be filming another scene with his co-stars on a deserted city square. With a large bag slung over one shoulder, the actor was seen issuing commands through a walkie talkie while flanked by Ferguson and Pegg, who were also weighed down with heavy bags.

 After weeks of shooting high octane scenes across the Italian city the mood appeared to be notably lighter, with Pegg - who reprises his role as field agent Benji Dunn - offering a broad grin as he walked alongside Cruise. 

Ferguson, who also returns as former MI6 agent Ilsa Faust, was no less cheerful while making her way across the quiet exterior location.