RAWALPINDI The Third Human Resource (HR) Conference started here on Wednesday under the auspices of Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) at Morgah Club, Rawalpindi. The Theme of this Conference was Expanding HR Horizons. The most significant feature of this conference was presence of distinguished speakers and overwhelming participation of HR professionals representing more than 40 organizations from all major sectors of economy i.e. Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Banking, Petro-chemical & Fertilizer, Cement, IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Telecom, NGOs, Consultants, Academia, pursuing the sole purpose of learning and understanding of contemporary challenges being faced by HR professionals in todays dynamic and challenging business environment. At ARL HR is considered as a key strategic resource. While acquiring the latest state of the art facilities, ARL has never been oblivious to the human factor and has been in the forefront to discharge its obligations. Following the resounding success of two HR Conferences in 2009 & 2010, ARL continuing its tradition, decided to convene the Third HR Conference 2011, to provide a platform for addressing and sharing challenges being faced and subsequent emerging opportunities for HR professionals in todays competitive business world.