At least five suspected militants including a commander of Haqqani network were killed and more than 10 others injured after two unmanned US drones struck compound of a house and a vehicle here in Miranshah on Thursday. According to local security officials the US drone fired two missiles on the compound of a house occupied by militants and located in Dandey Darpakhel village, some seven kilometres north of Miranshah, tribal headquarters of North Waziristan Agency. In the same area US drone targeted a vehicle at Ghulam Khan Road. At least five militants including coordinator and logistic commander of Haqqani network identified as Jalil Haqqani were killed and more than 10 others injured as the house and vehicle were completely destroyed in the attacks. The deceased commander was considered to be close aide of Sirajuddin Haqqani. The area where the drones struck is considered to be a stronghold of the Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network. Official and intelligence sources have confirmed the drone strikes and the death toll. Its worth mentioning that around 32 drone strikes have been reported in tribal areas since elite US forces killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden near Pakistan's main military academy in Abbottabad, close to the capital, on May 2. The unilateral raid humiliated Pakistan but is thought to have contributed to debate within the country's military about the merits of traditional support for jihadi groups. The tense partnership between Pakistan and the United States in the war on terror took a further battering last month, with Washington demanding that Islamabad take action against the Haqqani network and cut ties to the group. The Pakistani military says it is too over-stretched fighting local Taliban to acquiesce to American demands to launch an offensive against the Haqqanis, a battle that not all observers think the Pakistani military would win.