KARACHI - A group of experts from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EMBRAPA and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency - ABC is visiting Islamabad from October 10-14 in order to define areas in the field of agriculture which could benefit from Brazilian technical cooperation as well as to learn from Pakistans strong agricultural tradition, says a press release. The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EMBRAPA, established in 1973, has the primary task of providing feasible solutions for the sustainable development of Brazilian agribusiness through knowledge and technology generation and transfer. It has so far generated and recommended more than 9,000 technologies for Brazilian agriculture, reduced production costs and helped Brazil to increase the offer of food while, at the same time, conserving natural resources and the environment and diminishing external dependence on technologies, basic products and genetic materials. Networking through 38 research centres, 3 service centres and 13 central divisions, EMBRAPA is present in almost all Brazilian states, each with its own ecological conditions.