Ijaz Butt, whose tenure as Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief ended last Saturday, has said that he had made it clear to the relevant authorities a fortnight before that he would not be continuing in the role. "I made it clear to the relevant authorities that I am not available to continue performing the role and that some other person should be appointed," PakPassion.net quoted Butt, as saying. "My tenure ended on 8th October but I had already communicated to the relevant authority a couple of weeks prior to my term ending that I would not be continuing in the role," he added. In recent times, a number of Pakistani cricketers have had "run-ins" with the PCB, resulting in bans and various other punishments. On being asked whether he thought he had done enough to ensure that the PCB versus player scenarios are not prevalent in future, Butt said: "I really don't know, it all depends on the plans and the policies of my replacement. It all depends on the "new man" and what his plans are. I can't tell him what to do and what not to do." "I wish him [new PCB chief] the best of luck and I hope he can do some good for the game of cricket in Pakistan. There is a lot of talent in this part of the world and we can be at the top of everything if proper efforts are made on a regular basis," he added.