Our Staff Reporter KHANEWAL - Two more murdered in the name of honour here in a village Shah Dhaniyal Tehsil Kabirwala when a man killed his daughter and his paramour. This is the second honour killing incident in Khanewal as a couple days ago a young man had killed his step-mother and real sister in the name of honour in Makka Town, Chak 90/10R Fareed Kot area.According to detail, the sad incident took place in Village shah Dhaniyal Tehsil Kabirwala, about 50-km from here. Muhammad Khalid, son of Allah Ditta Thaheem opened fire on his daughter 16-year-old Sania and Muhammad Asif, son of Muhammad Husain, on suspicion of illicit relation between the teenagers. Later, the accused surrendered to the police. The Kabirwala Nawan Shehar Police have registered FIR 239/11 under section 302,34 of the double murders.