LAHORE - Pervez Musharraf unconstitutionally overthrew Nawaz Sharif government in order to take revenge from him for making Pakistan a nuclear power, said speakers at the seminar organised by PML-N Lawyers Forum at Lahore High Court Bar Association in connection with the Black Day against the October 12, 1999 toppling of the Sharif government. The speakers included Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood, Wali Muhammad Khan, Zakir Hussain, Tahir Sulehry, Ch Waqar, Iqbal Ahmad Khan, Khawar Ikram Bhatti, Sirajul Islam, Ch Tanvir, Raja Zulqurnain and others. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood in his address criticised the politicians who speak against Nawaz and said the former two-time premier made Pakistan nuclear power defying every pressure and offer from America. He said by making Pakistan nuclear power, Nawaz made the whole Islam world feel proud and raise its head high. But he was penalised for his patriotic act, he said. Mashood deplored the tirade of Imran Khan against Nawaz and termed Khan a trash politician. The Deputy Speaker also called for high treason case against Pervez Musharraf for October 12 assault on a democratic government. Not only Musharraf but his cronies and supporters should also be put behind the bars so that no other could dare cast an evil eye on an elected government. In order to take the corrupt to task and secure return of the looted money stashed in banks abroad, Mashood called for approving Ehtasab bill pending before the house over the last four years.