The way rape victims plight is being exploited in our society speaks of height of moral bankruptcy. Even in the western world the name and identity of victim is always kept secret to ensure that the victim does not have to suffer from post-traumatic experiences and the victim gets psychological treatment for getting over with this trauma. It is also tragic to see the NGO's trying their best to "cash" on this opportunity to display the plight of the victim in front of the camera lights so as to make sure that the right "funding" from the donors is justified and the received amount can be spent on maintaining the flashy cushy life style of the NGO's owners. This exploitation of the rape victims misery is basically the "marketing" tactic adopted to reap monetary gains out of someones miseries. How low can human insensitivity reach is something to be ashamed off. DR. IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, October11.