Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) has rejected the appointment of Admiral (Retd) Faseh Bukhari as new chief of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Leader of the opposition in the National Assembly (NA) Chaudhry Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has written a letter to Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani in which he said that opposition had not been consulted for the appointment to a high-profile slot and the appointment was not acceptable to it. Giving reference of Supreme Court decisions, Chaudhry Nisar said that in accordance with the 18th amendment meaningful dialogue and consultation with Chief Justice and opposition leader was needed. He said that instead of proposing a panel of three candidates direct appointment has been made. The Opposition leader said that sitting judge should have been appointed for the slot but instead a retired official has been appointed. It should be mentioned that Admiral (retd) Faseh Bukhari has recently been appointed NAB chief as the seat has been vacant for quite some time after the dismissal of Justice Rtd Deedar Hussain Shah by the Supreme Court. The President appointed Fasih in compliance with the Supreme Court of Pakistans order, which had refused to grant more time to government for filling the vacant seat of Chairman NAB. As per constitution, the Prime Minister is to initiate the process of consultation for the appointment of chairman NAB and after having 'meaningful input from the Leader of Opposition he should forward it to the President for final notification.