The State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland said that reconciliation talks with Haqqani network is not a change in US policy. In her briefing she said that US Secretary Of State Hillary Clintons statement about possibility of reconciliation talks with Haqqani network is not a change in US policy. We need and are continuing to talk intensely with Pakistan to fight terrorism and Haqqani network in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries, she said Our position on reconciliation has been very clear that it has to be an Afghan-led process, she said. She said that the US can only reconcile with those who break ties with Al Qaeda, respect Afghan constitution, human rights and the rights of women. She pointed out that Secretary Clinton has never ruled out that we are able to reconcile with individuals on these basis if Afghanistan approves it. Victoria Nuland said that it has to be seen whether any of these groups choose this path and get off the battlefield. However, for those who do not get off the battlefield, we will fight them. She said that US continue to encourage and trying to work with Pakistan on similar lines. Nuland said that US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman has this and other complex issues on his agenda with regards to our relationship during the visit to Pakistan. She was of the opinion that trilateral talks between Afghanistan, US and Pakistan are also important for resolving these issues.