ISLAMABAD - Former MPA and PPP Khairpur Tehsil President Rao Tariq has welcomed the appointment of Zaka Ashraf as Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman and hoped he will play a major role in lifting the standard of cricket in Bahawalpur and the players of this area will be given fair chance when it comes to the selection of players for the national team. In an exclusive talk with TheNation on Wednesday, Rao Tariq said: "By appointing Zaka as PCB Chairman, President Asif Ali Zardari has done the right thing, as the rural Punjab cricketer will take a lot of heart from this gesture as they were being over looked for the national team despite possessing great talent." He further said: "Zaka has a very vast knowledge of running the administrative affairs at the highest level and his leadership qualities can easily be judged through his recent achievements which he gained as the President of ZTBL, where he appointed great players like Imran Nazir and Abdul Razzaq who have taken the ZTBL cricket team from an ordinary performers to exceptional team." He hoped: "Zaka will focus on key areas such as grouping of players in the team and the persistent poor umpiring in the domestic cricket. Zaka will overcome all the problems very soon and take the Pakistan team to the new levels in a short span of time, he added.