KARACHI A PIA flight from Dubai to Karachi was undertaken Wednesday despite the fact that the windscreen of the plane was found cracked. PIA sources said pilot of PK-284 noticed the broken windscreen when the flight was about to leave the Dubai airport for Peshawar. Sources said that the Airbus A-310 was flown despites the revelation but diverted to Karachi, and luckily it made a safe landing at the Karachi airport. A PIA spokesman said that after necessary repair the plane would be leaving for Peshawar at 12:30pm. He further said that it was not the windscreen but the side screen that had developed some cracks, which necessitated the flights landing in Karachi. A Civil Aviation official said that the plane, caring 150 passengers, would be arriving Peshawar on 2pm, with a delay of eight hours. PIA sources said that arrangements for an alternate flight were also being made to take the passengers to their destination.