ISLAMABAD - Members of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in the National Assembly on Wednesday demanded of the government to file a high treason case against former President Pervez Musharraf for his 12 October 1999 extra-constitutional step. Meanwhile, PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti condemning the October 12 coup demanded death penalty for Pervez Musharraf. However, he said the agreements between Pervez Musharraf and other political players should be made public. The opposition members from the PML-N chanted slogans and demanded hanging of the former military ruler. Speaking on point of order, PML-N MNA Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that the government should not hesitate from initiating a high treason case against Musharraf. If the law gives us a chance, we will not hesitate from filing a case, he added. Whosoever supported the dictators did injustice. There is a need to stop joking with the nation, he added. Talking about the recent statements of Baber Awan, Saad Rafiq said provincial government could not register high treason case against the former dictator as only federal government can register it. Even now, important decisions are not taken in the Parliament and discussions in parliament are useless, he said adding that if the Pervez Musharraf is not given punishment then other fraudsters and thieves should also be not given punishment. Referring to the incidents of Lal Masjid, murder of Akbar Bugti and other incidents took place in the era of former President Pervez Musharraf, he said that Musharraf should not be given protection. Military forces should also understand it that criminal like Musharraf should not be given protection. PPP legislator Nadeem Afzal Gondal said that judiciary was not restored due to the long march of PML-N. He said, Chief Justice Iftikhar said 'no to Pervez Musharraf at behest of ISI and it was the ISI that got him restored and not the long march of PML-N. Why PML-N is not discussing the decision of the judiciary which allowed Musharraf to amend the Constitution, he said, adding that he would be with PML-N if they go for long march against Musharraf. He further said that PML-N had not clear stance over Lal Masjid issue. He said that the coup of Oct 12 was a condemnable act of the former army chief. Criticising PML-N, he said it is not sincere in punishing Musharraf and his companions. Lauding President Asif Ali Zardari, Nadeem Afzal said, for the first time in the history, a president himself surrendered his powers. In response to PML-N legislators remarks about invoking Article-6 against allies of the then president, PML-Q legislator Amir Muqam said that democracy is far better than dictatorship. If they wish to invoke Article-6 against allies of dictator then previous allies of other dictators should be also treated in same way, he said. Speaking on a point of order, PML-N legislator Ahsan Iqbal said that October 12 has special significance for the Parliament. Musharraf staged coup to save his job and avoid impeachment on the Kargil issue. He said if the present federal government did not initiate treason case against Pervez Musharraf, it would be treason on its part. Speaking on point order, PML-N legislator Capt (Retd) Safdar said that Musharraf was talking about his return to homeland in March. He would be arrested on airport if he did so. During his speech, PML-N legislator also raised slogan 'hang him. He strongly criticised the toppling of the government of Nawaz Sharif on October 12, 1999 and demanded high treason case against Musharraf. He was of the view that sense of the house should be taken regarding the punishment for Musharraf. Pervez Musharraf committed a crime against constitution and if he would not be dealt with iron hands, then we would suppose you have a soft corner for him, he said adding that Article-6 should also be invoked against Musharrafs aides. A brigadier named Rashid Qureshi announced that martial law has been imposed in the country. He should be made accountable for it, he added. I dont want to discuss deal related issue but PPP has sent Musharraf by giving him guard of honour, he said. Talking about law and order situation in Karachi, he said that if justice would not be done with the persons who were killed then he was not optimistic about justice Responding to a calling attention notice of Nawab Abdul Ghani, Parliamentary Secretary for Communication Ch Saeed Iqbal told the house that a Chinese company would construct 130 kilometre portion of Super Highway from Karachi to Punjab at a cost of Rs 6.3 billion. The calling attention was regarding dilapidated condition of bridges and Super Highway from Karachi to Punjab. Parliamentary Secretary said that communication ministry had also taken a grant of Rs 3.1 billion from Asian Development Bank for repair and construction of the road. Chinese grant and workers of the company had reached Pakistan and work on it would be started soon. He further said that recent floods and rains in Sindh has badly damaged the roads and bridges .He said that there were 174 bridges on the Super Highway from Karachi to Punjab and the recent rains has damaged six bridges. He confessed that the overloading was badly damaging the roads. Earlier, Minister for Finance Abdul Hafeez Shaikh introduced a bill to provide for the regulation and enforcement provision for the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The house also adopted motion regarding the delay in the presentation of the report of the standing committee on the bill to amend the Islamabad high Court, 2010.