LAHORE Pakistan Railways on Wednesday received one million liters High Speed Diesel (HSD) from Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and stored it for next four days, The Nation has learnt. The PSO though released three lakh liters HSD for trains operation on Tuesday, more fuel for the cash-strapped department were released on Wednesday. As per official sources, the department got some relief and stored fuel for next four days. Sources added that the PR issued cheques to the PSO amounting to Rs 25 million. The crisis in Railways continued to persist as according to a report 112 trains on different routes were cancelled due to the shortages of locomotives. The Railways, a day before on Tuesday, had closed 54 trains due to shortage of fuel besides the cancelling of 102 trains due to the unavailability of engines. Meanwhile, the Railways workers continued protest demo on the 11th day against the non-payment of salaries and pensions at front of Divisional Superintendent Office Lahore as the department could not manage money for the provision of the salaries to low-grade employees. The protesters chanted slogans against the Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and the govt threatening to suspend all train services if they were not paid salaries till October 16th.