Our Staff Reporter MULTAN - Stressing the need for launching accountability of corrupt elements in the country forthwith, former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that corruption is at its peak in the country and this menace has posed serious threat to the national security and integrity. Addressing a seminar organised by a local civil society organisation Jago Pakistan Tehreek, Shah Mahmood said that it was because of independent judiciary that the corruption committed by the sons of big political families was unearthed. "I present myself as the first person for accountability. We need ruthless accountability to clear the mess," he added. He said that corrupt elements ruined prime institutions of the country like railway, PIA, Pakistan Steel and Wapda but no action was taken against them. He added that tax evaders did not pay tax worth billions as a result of which national exchequer suffered heavy losses. Referring to Kalabagh Dam, he said that it was not a technical issue rather it was a political affair. He claimed that 96000 megawatt electricity could be generated through hydel power projects. He claimed that the break in loadshedding was temporary as the money paid to the power generation companies and PSO was very meagre. He feared that the loadshedding would resume soon. He pointed out that 76 million people were living their lives below poverty line in Pakistan and the number was mounting with every passing day. He was of the opinion that foreign investment could not be restored until peace was maintained in the country. He said that the slogan of good governance was no more than a claim as this element did not exist in any field of life. He hoped that the country would soon witness a positive change as the civil society had come out while judiciary had already achieved independence. Citing the example of lawyers movement, he said that a very positive change took place in the country in terms of independent judiciary when civil society joined hands with black coats. He said that it was a wake up time for nation and every individual needed to break his silence. "If we still keep mum, it will be a criminal act," he added. He said that middle class needed to play as an agent of change. Citing the example of India, he said that it was educated middle class that brought change there. He strongly criticized government, saying Sindh had sunk in rainwater while on the other hand ruling PPP, Q-League and MQM were busy in distribution of ministries. He said that the government had lost its trust in the world as a result of which international community was not ready to contribute anything to prime minister's flood relief fund. DENGUE RAMPAGE CONTINUES: The dengue mosquito continues to play havoc as the total number of its infected patients brought to Nishtar Hospital till filing of this report has risen to 365 with the addition of four new ones. Hospital sources disclosed on Wednesday that at least 187 patients were tested positive and 110 negative while the reports of 64 patients are to be received as yet. Out of total, just 19 are currently under treatment while rest of all were discharged after successful treatment. Hospital sources said that of total 365 patients, as many as 122 are residents of Multan and 64 were suffering from dengue fever.