The Water Accord was specifically entered into to develop consensus on Kalabagh dam. It could not have allotted 37 and 14 percent shares to Punjab and KP without providing for these shares to be utilized through the left and right bank canals at Kalabagh dam. River water distribution was taken away from Wapda and entrusted to a new federal body IRSA. Provinces could only raise ten-day indents of their requirements to IRSA and would have no direct control over the supply to their canals. No province could take the water of another province. Sindhs share was increased in all future dams by decreasing Punjabs share. Equal share for both despite the vast difference between population and area under cultivation was meant to iron out inter-provincial discords. A monitoring team of engineers from the Sindh irrigation department was posted at major head works of Punjab. They communicate daily with their head office and have not reported any misappropriation to date. The right bank canal at Kalabagh dam can ensure supply of water from the Indus to KP without which KP will never get any water from any dam on the Indus. It can be seen that a very sincere effort was made to make the Water Accord acceptable to all the provinces. For Sindh to reject the Accord and Kalabagh dam because of some past grievances does not make sense. The Dam is clearly a win-win position for all provinces. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, October 12.