Pakistani nation is still in shock and grief after the tragic incident in Swat Pakistan. According to media armed men identified the fourteen year old girl in the school van and after identification shot her several times in the head and neck. Now she is battling for survival in Military Hospital and the government has decided to send her abroad for further treatment. Fourteen years old Malala is struggling for girl’s education in Swat, she also lunched campaign against destruction of schools and restrictions on girl’s education by militants. At the time when several ruling party Ministers left Swat for security reasons, she was living in an area, which still held elements of militants. She received special awards from the government and has become a symbol for girl’s education in the country and her region. Recent incident also shows how things are going from bad to worse despite government claims of success in militant areas. All political parties, civil society, human rights organizations and ordinary people condemn the incident. This news got wide media attention not only in Pakistan but abroad. Several US newspapers including New York Times, Wall Street Journal published Malala Yosefzai’s story on the front pages with her pictures. US double standard are also manifest; they have killed hundreds of innocent children in Waziristan while weeping over the shooting of one child. Thousand of children like her have lost their lives in US drone attacks but US media never raised their voice or published any pictures. Now US media is using this incident for political gains which is very shameful and unfortunate. Attacks on innocent children like Malala by militants or by US drones is a heinous crime and we should condemn both.KHAWAJA UMER FAROOQ, Jeddah, October 10.