Although more than a decade has elapsed since the October12 military coup derailed democracy, it is still with dread that one recalls how the episode came about, wherein a government elected with over two-thirds majority was booted out in the blink of an eye. Suffice it to say that its repercussions are being felt to this day. There is no denying PML-N leader Mian Nawaz’s grouse that the world used Mushrarraf as a cog to serve its purpose and so is the statement by Mian Shahbaz that the panacea to the current ills lies in a sustainable and corruption-free democracy. Both have experienced at first hand, the calamitous effects of the takeover.It is a crying shame that our history is punctuated with military rules, a phenomenon that some might ascribe to the country being a ‘national security state’, wherein democracy has been denied the chance to grow freely. Some might argue that democracy has been installed for over four years now and still the change it ought to have brought is not there. The criticism is valid but it must be noted that the process of democratisation needs time to evolve in order to offer its fruits to the country under its influence. It is a gradual process but it is worth it and even its worst form is better than the best of military rule.