KARACHI - At least 22 people were killed in reaction of the killing of Lyari gangster, Rashid Bengali within five days in the surroundings of Lyari .
According to details, the dispute between the two groups of Lyari gangsters was the cause of frequent killings and abduction which began on October 7, when Israr Baloch, a commander of Shehzad Comrade gang, killed Rashid Bengali, commander of Jango gang. Following his killing, the operatives of Jango gang managed to catch Israr and his three associates and torched them after riddled them with bullets.
Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, chief commander of all Lyari gangs, interfered and settled the dispute for the time being but the gang war has continued in Lyari and its surrounding areas. Israr’s two brothers Zaman Baloch, Faisal Baloch and his brother-in-law Imran have been abducted and killed, sources said. At least seven family members of Israr among 22 have been killed in internal war of the gangsters and people were even avoid to participate in the funeral of the deceased family members of Israr.
It is pertinent to mention here that Sheraz Comrade have dominated in 8 Chowk and surrounding areas of the Lyari while Jango gang dominated in Lee market and Kharader areas located in the surroundings of Lyari .
Shahid Amin, his brother Idrees, Zeshan alias Shahni, residents of Kharader, were also killed while Imran was wounded in different incidents of target killing on association with Lyari gangster. Amin, old resident of Lyari , was killed first and his brother Idrees and Shani were killed on the second day while Imran was wounded. Sources said that Imran was the main target of assailants because he was associated with Israr Baloch group.
Sources privy to the matter disclosed that Salman alias Paratha among his friends joined the Lyari Amman Committee. On being associated with Israr Baloch group, at least 14 people of this newly emerging gang have been abducted and killed by the rival gang members and their bodies were found from different areas of south zone. Sources said that there are a number of other operatives kept in the custody of gangster over suspicion of their association with the rival gangs.
Following the killing of people belonged to the Memon community, panic spread in all old City areas where Memons were living in majority while security forces have been vanished from the scene because of the recent settlement between the government and Amman Committee gangsters.
Residents of old city areas are living under an abject miserable condition. They said that the armed men carrying automatic weapons were roaming in the areas on motorbikes without any fear of apprehension. They said that police and particularly Rangers deployed in the areas were protecting the gangsters and not supposed to call them when dozen gunmen on motorbikes display weapons in the areas.
It is worth mentioning here that over 5,000 people had been killed in last ten years due to gang war.