There are invariably plenty of laws as well as plenty of leaders but when it comes implementation, each one of us tend to look the other way. My suggestion is that a brigade of officers should be posed at lower carders especially at the district and tehsil level in order to see to it that the laws are implemented. To begin with, there should be a fixed time for the Jumma prayers as well as that of the prayer call. At least, this should be uniform in one district. TV and Radio should broadcast programmes that are for general welfare and awareness of society ranging from traffic discipline, health issues as well as improving agriculture. The TV channels should place maximum focus on such programmes. It is also the duty of the Muslims that they should shun extremism and under no circumstances resort to desperate acts like suicide bombings. Instead, they must learn to inculcate in themselves the values of honesty, truth and compassion. Likewise, the public as a society should try to appreciate and encourage those politicians who are honest and those who could blow the lid off corruption. These leaders should avoid living in palatial places and give up opulent ways of living; they must live in houses not bigger than 5/10 marla as well as give up the use of luxury limousines. In order to empower women, most of the women after completing their studies at the BA and MA level must be employed to perform civic duties like enforcing ban on public smoking, illegal parking, encroachments, throwing garbage on public places etc. Any person who comes up with evidence of corruption exposing some case, he should be given 20 percent of the total amount; 40 percent should be deposited in the national kitty and the remaining 40 percent should be spent on the wellbeing of the poor patients. This is a small beginning but it can bring the change we need. Asim Wahid, Pakpattan, October 12.