Dr Sher Afgan Niazi, the veteran politician from Mianwali, breathed his last on Thursday at the age of 66 after a long struggle with a protracted illness. Hailing from a family of humble background, he excelled at school and went on to become a doctor. But the fate had ordained something different; a politician. To his electorate and constituency, he proved to be an amiable figure albeit an assertive one, a liking manifest in the way he was frequently elected to the National as well as Provincial Assembly. An expert parliamentarian, he received tickets from Awami Ittehad, PPP, PPP (Patriots) and later PML-Q, and served on important ministerial positions.Although he was thought to have learnt several articles of the constitution by heart, one can, however, still imagine him standing in the National Assembly and defending General Musharraf given the staunch support he accorded to preserve his rule. Quick to recall any article of the constitution verbatim, he could run rings round the opponents inside Parliament whenever some constitutional issue was under debate, a role he skilfully played as the Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs. But except for this bad patch, he must be given the credit that is his due; he was an inspiration to other politicians for thorough understanding of constitutional affairs; has been steadfast in his opposition to the establishment and is credited for playing a strong role in the opposition post-2008 era.