Death is always very painful, not only for those who die but more for those who are left behind to mourn. If the process of dying is natural, the feeling of loss is minimized with the passage of time but if death is the result of some cruelty or brutality, the sense of loss for the loved ones keeps on increasing. This never ending feeling of loss is always there. The bomb blast outside a Biryani shop in old Anarkali Lahore speaks of the same old cruelty practiced in Pakistan with no one the wiser. Who is doing this and why? There seems to be no logic or reason for these ongoing killings by a Muslim religious group, of Muslims, in a Muslim country?

How come when any group accepts responsibility for these attacks they are not condemned? Are we so afraid that we do not condemn the killing of innocent people every day in our country? In the blame game practiced to hide the ugly faces of the real criminals they get the chance to get away scot free. The newly elected government of Pakistan has been very keen to crush the menace of terrorism since its day one. Arrangements for the peace-talks with Taliban and negotiations with the Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh are the steps taken by the prime minister for internal and regional peace but there are some international forces which don’t want Pakistan to have peace. The nation must keep a vigilant eye on all such elements which want to derail the peace efforts.


Multan, October 10.