The Khadim-e-Punjab has announced that plans are being made to make Metro Bus Route signal free because Lahore is a mega city where population has already exceeded 10 million marks. However, now it is time to change our strategy according to the rapidly changing needs and environment of the people. One of the mega issues of this metropolis is ever increasing number of vehicles and traffic jams. There are a number of new initiatives which can be taken by the government to address it.

A signal free route up to the Air Port is absolutely necessary to facilitate the commuters, tourists and entrepreneurs visiting this historic city. It will not only ensure smooth flow of traffic to the airport, but also add to the beauty of this city. Karachi is good example of such a project. It will also enhance security against any terrorist attack on innocent people traveling on this extremely busy route. The second important project is completion of Ring Road on priority bases which is necessary to reduce pressure of traffic on roads within the city.

The third important project is to make cities main arteries like Mall Road, Jail Road, Ferozpur Road and Multan Road signal free to facilitate heavy traffic on these roads. In short it would be wise on part of Khadim-e-Punjab, if the above projects are completed prior to spending further money on a signal free Metro Bus route, which can be under taken after completion of captioned projects. The execution of these would not only stimulate economy but shall also create thousands of new jobs. Needless to mention, that the above projects will also give political mileage to the present government.


Lahore, October 8.