The people of AJK especially trade and freedom leaders have strongly condemned the frequent unprovoked firing by the Indian troops on the Line of Control and the Sialkot Working Boundary.

The rising escalation on the LoC and the working boundary exposed the aggressive posture of Prime Minister Narrindra Moodi against Pakistan, said Justice (r) Abdul Majeed Mallick, the former chief justice of AJK High Court and president of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League.

Talking to newsmen, he called upon the United Nations secretary general to take immediate notice of the increased aggressive designs of India in the region which may prove to be detrimental to the regional and even the global peace.

The Kashmiri leader said that it was a matter of grave concern for the peace-loving forces including Pakistan and the people of Jammu & Kashmir who seek early peaceful settlement of all outstanding differences including the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir through meaningful dialogues.

Justice (r) Abdul Majeed Mallick strongly condemned the frequent unprovoked firing by the Indian troops targeting the populous areas along the Line of Control in AJK and the working boundary in Sialkot sector.

The JKLL president urged New Delhi to shun aggression and immediately move for peaceful resolution of all the differences. He said that India should take immediate steps to release all the Kashmiri political detainees languishing in various prisons in occupied Jammu & Kashmir and the Indian jails. He also demanded gradual withdrawal of Indian armed forces from Indian Held Kashmir.

He added, “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is focusing on cordial relationship between India and Pakistan to ensure peace in the region and promote economic development but the Indian government was totally responding in negative following the traditional approach of hostility and stubbornness towards Pakistan’s peace-loving approach. He (Nawaz Sharif) wants enhancement of social and economical progress through the peaceful settlement of all the issues including the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir.”

AJK Central Traders Organisation Mirpur President Sohail Shujah Mujahid said that India seemed insincere in good relations with Pakistan. In a formal chat to this scribe, the traders’ leader added that primarily, certain negative forces including India were the greatest beneficiaries of strained relationship between the two countries. He suggested that India should use political wisdom and intellect to move for resuming composite dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the issues including kashmir through peaceful means.

He said that the prosperity of the region was linked to harmonious relationship between the two neighbors particularly to realisation of the settlement of Kashmir issue. He said that the Jammu and Kashmir people should be allowed to decide their future in exercise of the right to self-determination. “To achieve the objective, India has to relax its policy stance by admitting the true cause of the freedom of Jammu & Kashmir state,” he said.