The world celebrates Teacher’s Day, Labor Day, and Mother’s Day to name a few. People organise programs to pay homage to loved ones. However, the most important word, which is missing in this lexicon, is ‘Students Day’. There is need to celebrate a day to encourage and motivate students so they may feel proud. Professionals should be invited to address the occasion and to highlight the ‘privilege’ of student life. It can also help teachers, parents and students to interact with each other.

Student life is the most charming time of one’s life, in which a student is free from the burden of sustaining a family and is also free from the absence of pressures of a job. Unfortunately, majority of our students spend it without realising its value. Our students take it as a hardship, as a pain, they keep moaning and cribbing about it. They are not aware of the ‘pleasure’ of being a student and millions who cannot afford this luxury. I am sure that if we celebrate Students’ Day it will be a great moment in their lives.


Islamabad, October 5.