Despite being part of the same class of insects, there is a great morphological and physiological difference between flies and butterflies. Butterflies prefer to live in floral gardens while flies can be found on the piles of garbage and trash. Butterflies primarily feed on nectars from some fine flowers while the flies live on decaying organic matters like rotten fruits and vegetables. Both organisms are also closely related to each other in the food chain. For better nourishment, sometimes butterflies consume some of these tiny and frail flies. There are also some monarch butterflies, which have precedence over all flies and butterflies due to their vivid and fascinating colours and long-distance migration habits.

Presently, in Pakistan, the human beings seem to be divided in superior and inferior classes. Always obsessed with the overriding thought of winning bread for themselves, the members of inferior class have somehow resorted to the status of feeble flies. On the other hand, having their bread buttered on both sides, the members of superior class have been behaving like butterflies. As a matter of fact, Theses butterflies belong to Very Important Person (VIP) category while the flies generally fall into the category of the ‘Least Significant Person (LSP)’. Enjoying a privileged position, the butterflies have been quite successful in promoting their respective VIP culture at the cost of social and cultural values of the flies.

Having been equally exploited by both British and native Hindu butterflies, the enslaved flies of this region dreamed of making their own habitat in a separate garden sometimes ago. Ironically, they became successful in getting this garden, but miserably failed in getting freedom from the powerful resident butterflies. Now, the resident butterflies have artfully put these flies in a perpetual subjugation. Possessing excellent avian skills, the butterflies always escape the long arm of the law in this god-gifted garden. Now in this garden, the law is nothing but a cobweb which only catches the small flies while the butterflies always mange to breakthrough it.

In a tragic and quite unfortunate incident in DHA Lahore on Wednesday night, a guard in the motorcade of son of former PM Yuosaf Raza Gillani shot dead an innocent and young motorcyclist Tahir for allegedly interrupting the VIP movement. This incident reflects the very state and cost of human life in the country. The influential hardly bothers about the consequences of his rash and wild behaviour. This is not the first incident of its kind in Pakistan. So far, we have failed in truly recognizing the sanctity and worth of human life in our country.

In the prevailing system, the killers somehow always manage to go scot-free. First of all, police normally does not voluntarily register an FIR against any influential person. If upon any pressure from public or media, it does so then it often neglects to conduct an independent and impartial investigation that ultimately paves the way for the acquittal of such persons by the courts. The Anglo-Saxon laws, which have been administered by the Anglo-Indian judicial system, often fail in apprehending and punishing anyone involved in the crimes of this nature. In case, the courts convict a criminal, the Islamic provisions relating to enforcement of Qisas and Diyat laws come forward at once to rescue the culprits. This is the very fact that we observed in the Shahzed murder case in Karachi last year and Raymond Davis case in Lahore some years ago.

On 17 June 2014, the Lahore police, resorting to unauthorized and excessive use of force, brutally killed 14 protesting activists of PAT in Model Town Lahore. Despite court’s order to this effect, the heirs of the victims could only manage to get their FIR registered after 72 days of this incident following the mass protest and sit-in in Islamabad. Ever since the registration of this FIR, no subsequent progress has been witnessed regarding the formation Joint Investigation Team (JIT), or otherwise making an independent and impartial ordinary investigation into this incident. On the other hand, Gullu But, the most Infamous character of this incident, has been released from the jail after a brief period of detention. All these matters put a big question mark over the credibility and efficiency of our judicial system.

Last year, in an interview, while talking about the possible repercussions of downing the US drones in Pakistan, the then president Asif Ali Zardari said that drones were nor birds. Perhaps, he was perfectly right. Indeed, drones are not birds but the inhabitants of this country are just like insects and flies which can be killed by these predators in the name of ‘collateral damage’. Almost all the ruling butterflies have been exhibiting similar apathetic attitude and behaviour towards the ordinary flies. Darwin’s theory of evolution essentially maintains that the species which do not evolve themselves in an environment are simply bound to disappear. Therefore, if the hapless flies fail in asserting and exercising their ‘right to exist’ any longer, then these cunnings butterflies would readily impose upon them an inevitable ‘liability to be extinct’.

The writer is a lawyer.