FAISLABAD(Online): State Minister for Water and Power Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali said on Sunday that the funds collected for Internally Displaced Persons (IPDs) were being spent on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rallies.

Addressing a press conference at Faislabad circuit House, Abid Ali alleged that Imran Khan wanted bloodshed and chaos in the country. He remarked that instead of condemning the death of seven people during PTI’s rally in Multan, the party continued their dance shows in Islamabad. He declared October 12 as a black day since elected government was toppled on the same day in 1999.

Talking about the firing by Indian troops on the working boundary, he said that the government had given a strong response to India. He also said that Tahirul Qadri had provoked people to participate in his Inqilab March and now he was trying to spread anarchy.