PESHAWAR - Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) Provincial Chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao Sunday criticized the government for its alleged flawed economic policies that have led to a sharp increase in the country's debt.

He was speaking at a function at Watan Kor, where several activists from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Awami National Party-Wali, including Shaukat Khan, Mir Khan, Gul Mast Khan, Zar Khan, Abdur Rahim, Munir Khan, Delawar Khan and others, announced joining the QWP.

Sikander said that every Pakistani was today burdened with the debt and liabilities of over Rs 101,338. "The government should tell the nation where the money was spent," he said.

He also said that inflation and joblessness had increased owing to the ill-conceived policies of the government. He said the poor law and order has also slowed down growth of the economy as no investor was ready to invest in any sector.

Coming down hard on the PTI-led provincial government, the QWP leader said it has been unable to honour the election pledges. "The PTI couldn't improve the working of a single department," he claimed.

Sikander said that the PTI leaders had claimed they would declare education and health emergency after coming into power.

"No change has been brought in this regard. The people are becoming disenchanted with the PTI government," he maintained.

He also said that the provincial government has failed to ensure good governance and eradicate corruption. He said the PTI couldn't launch any mega project over the last one and a half years.