Hashim Abro, in his letter ‘Luxury and misery’ in the Nation on October 09, has talked about several villages in Sindh which have been hit by famine. It is important to understand that this famine and migration of the shepherds is caused due to a shortage of water. The situation will keep getting worse as long as we stay in a state of denial. We are not prepared to admit that we need a mega-dam at the earliest and cannot afford to wait 12 years for Bhasha dam. Small dams cannot bridge the gap between supply and demand. We are not prepared to admit that the 104 maf which Mangla and Tarbela dams provided us 38 years ago is not sufficient now that the population has increased. Opposition to Kalabagh dam comes mainly from Sindh. Enlightened people like Hashim Abro should either start speaking up for Kalabagh dam or they should stop speaking about the misery of the people. To do one and not do the other will be the height of hypocrisy.


Lahore, October 9.