islamabad - Heavy vehicles including trucks, buses and dumpers are causing traffic jams on IJ Principal Road, especially during peak hours, and creating hardships for motorists as well as people.

The IJP Road is one of the busiest roads of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The movement of heavy vehicles has turned the road in dilapidated condition, which is creating hardships for the motorists.

The road that segregates the twin cities has a number of bus terminals including Pirwadhai Adda, which means heavy traffic keeps plying around the clock without any break.

A traffic police official claimed that approximately 200,000 vehicles use the road daily, as it is used by vehicles travelling on main GT Road. The heavy traffic from Pirwadhai, 9th Avenue, Double Road and Pindora Chungi to Faizabad use the road, which results in constant traffic jams during rush hours.

A motorist Zahid Majeed while talking to APP urged that CDA should repair the road and install road signs, which are missing. He went on saying that several accidents had also occurred due to poor condition of the road.

Muhammad Naveed, another motorist, held CDA responsible for the dilapidated condition of the road, saying there is dire need for its early and quality repair. Not only repair but also its up-gradation is need of the hour as hundreds and thousands of motorists use this road daily, he maintained.

Another motorist said the road should be expanded to accommodate the ever-increasing number of vehicles. From Peshawar Mor to Pirwadhai Chowk, the road presents a pathetic condition, which needs early carpeting. Several overhead bridges have been constructed at various points for the safety of pedestrians, but unfortunately these bridges are not used by the people, as they prefer to walk across the road.

Another factor adding fuel to the fire is encroachment on both sides of the road, which is going unchecked by the authorities concerned.