SIALKOT - India continued shelling Sialkot border villages along Working Boundary targeting Bajra Garhi, Charwah, Sucheetgarh, Harpal, Merajkey and Umeraanwali sectors on Sunday.

Due to unprovoked heavy mortar shelling eleven cattle were killed and dozens other injured. The shelling also damaged a large number of houses vacated by the villagers.

The areas were sounding with loud thunder of the artillery fire used by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF), said the locals, who were staying in the fields far from these Indian shelling-hit villages.

According to the senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, the BSF started unprovoked heavy mortar shelling on Sialkot border villages including Dhamaala-Charwah, Tulsipur, Rangor, Gandiyal, Sapwaal, Baghiyaari, Joiyaan, Bajra Garhi, Harpal, Anula, Khokhar, Nandpur, Jangura, Sakhiyaal, Kothey Raja, Salaankey, Beeni Sulehriyaan, Nandpur, Sakhiyaal, Kothey Raja, Tongar, Raja Harpal,  Sukmaal, Daallowali, Thathi, Thathi Khurd, Meendarwal and surrounding areas late on Saturday night which continued the whole night.

No loss of human life or injury was reported. The Chenab Rangers retaliated effectively and returned the fire.

The residents are already away from almost all the Sialkot border villages along the Working Boundary for the last one week.

More than a week-long Indian shelling has affected as many as 70,000 population of Sialkot border villages, out of which 40,000 people from 70 border villages along the Working Boundary have already shifted to the safer places in urban parts of Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur and surroundings.