ISLAMABAD - After heavy losses in the form of cancellation of six flights and delay in Hajj operation and 50 other international flights, finally Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has made a deal with PALPA to end the “go-slow” policy adopted by its pilots.

Pakistan Air Lines Pilots Association (PALPA) was protesting against the non-payment of their dues which have been pending for two months. The matter was resolved after marathon negotiations between the PIA administration and PALPA. Due to the protest of PALPA, PK-769 from Islamabad to Paris and then Melan, PK-795 from Lahore to Barcelona and PK-771 from Islamabad to Oslo were cancelled and respectively all the return flights were also cancelled.

It was the first ever strike during the Hajj operation in the history of Pakistan International Airline. According to the sources more than five thousand people were affected due to the cancellation of six international flights and delay in 50 flights which caused heavy loses to the national airline.

An agreement was signed by PIA’s Managing Director Captain Junaid Younus. “The pact has been signed by MD PIA on behalf of the government and PIA, according to which PIA will pay 50% of the pending allowances and dues in three instalments in October, while the rest of the amount will be paid in November and December,” PIA Chairman and Secretary Aviation, Muhammad Ali Gardezi, told The Nation.

The association’s total dues stand at Rs 80 million and the administration has decided to pay Rs 40 million in three parts.

Fifty percent of the dues have been divided into three instalments. The first will be paid tomorrow (Monday, October 13); second on October 18 while the third payment of dues and allowances will be made on October 31.

“Usually, minor issues with the aircraft are ignored by the captain but once there is a conflict with the administration, they start getting into internal quality checks as per the book,” said a source. “Hence, the flights start getting delayed.”

At this point, any refusal from the PIA administration regarding the payment can directly affect the return of Hajj pilgrims, resulting in huge penalties for PIA, internationally, the sources added.