This is with reference to Bilawal’s speech in Karachi and his slogan ‘Marso Marso Sind Na Daiso.’ People of Pakistan voted for ZAB because he actually gave a call for change, tried his best to provide relatively good governance and gave this country a constitution which promised equal rights, justice, security and opportunities to all citizens, irrespective of their caste, creed or ethnicity. He also laid down foundations of nuclear deterrence, which today provides sole credible defense against external aggression. It is also a fact that unlike those who claim to be his political inheritors, there was no major financial scam in ZAB’s tenure.

Citizens of Pakistan have paid back their debt to the memory of ZAB by voting for his daughter. Unfortunately insatiable greed of those who succeeded him have damaged PPP and today it stands discredited, being reduced to a regional party because of myopic vision of its leaders. While in power, it had no inhibition to be seen as partners with leading land and criminal mafia of this country, protecting and patronising them.

The recent PPP’s five year tenure has witnessed state owned enterprises being driven to bankruptcy and insolvency under semi literate corrupt cronies, chosen to head them. While ZAB advocated a federal united Pakistan, where all provinces enjoyed equal rights, those who succeeded him, advocate their breakup into several administrative units, while insisting that Sind cannot be dealt with uniformly. May I ask Bilawal why Sind’s boundaries alone are biblical and sacrosanct and those of KPK, Baluchistan and Punjab are not? If administrative units are required than they must be created in whole of Pakistan in accordance with uniform agreed norms.


Islamabad, October 8.