ISLAMABAD - PPP Human Rights Central Cell has congratulated Malala Yusofzai on winning the prestigious Nobel Award for her exemplary and courageous work for the promotion of education for girls.

“Malala, you are the bravest  daughter of Pakistan and indeed the world for you has braved bullets but continued to stand up for what is right and what is a right: education,” Dr Nafisa Shah, Central Coordinator PPP Central Cell said.

“You have fought with extremism like no other, using the most peaceful means -education-and therefore you have inspired the whole world. Pakistan is proud of you, all the girls and boys who want to go to school but are deprived will follow your example for all times to come, “she added.

“Indeed, education is the most powerful weapon against violence, militancy and extremism that is what this 17 year old has taught the world. Hope that all of us back home while celebrating the award, take a lesson from Malala’s vision and help the millions of girls and boys who are out of school to get education,” she concluded.