LAHORE - Railways Minister and PML-N central leader Khawaja Saad Rafique has posed many questions to PTI regarding the Multan tragedy.

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Sunday, he said that PTI did not make any arrangements to avoid the stampede during the rally in Multan.

Criticizing Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Saad Rafique said that seven people died in the incident but the two leaders without paying any heed continued their speeches.

He asked rather sarcastically if PTI’s management had arranged to provide water to the rally participants apart from all the entertainment. He questioned PTI about the misbehaviour with the women participants during the rally. He also inquired about those who were responsible for controlling the public address system at the rally.

“Imran Khan should carry out the investigation to find out whether the stampede occurred during the rally or at the end,” he said, adding the Punjab government had offered sports ground for the rally in Multan, however, Qasim Bagh was PTI’s own demand.

Saad Rafique remarked that the lighting and stage arrangements were also party’s responsibility and not that of the management.

He questioned who was controlling public address system in the Qasim Bagh and why an appeal by police was ignored by Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Imran Khan did not stop his speech?

He asked Imran Khan why he did not rush to hospitals for enquiring after the injured and remained having dinner before leaving the city?  He said the PTI local president put an application for gathering to the administration but control of the gathering was handed over to followers of Shah Mehmood.

“PTI is notorious for its mismanagement and Imran himself was victim of it. Nobody can hide his negligence by telling lies.”

PML-N leader said that same personalities had been gathered in sit-ins who also supported Pervez Musharraf’s referendum against democracy after October 12, 1999.

“On October 12, 1999, international forces wanted to punish the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his efforts to make Pakistan a nuclear power and getting free it from clutches of foreign debts,” he added.

To a question, he replied that sit-ins were nothing but a conspiracy against the democracy in Pakistan.

“Democracy is an only way to Pakistan toward prosperity, stability and development,” held the minister.